The real stars of the show are the daily changing salads on full display on the front counter

“Middle Eastern speciality chef Kirsty Chiaplias (ex-Workers' Food Room) brings you Babajan, a Turkish-leaning bakery and cafe that's taken over Troy Kebab Corner on Nicholson Street in Carlton North. ”



A former Kebab shop has been transformed into Babajan, slinging modern Middle Eastern eats.

“It's a cute space, a former kebab shop transformed via modest budget to a quintessential Melbouráne café, all white painted walls, hanging plants and timber-topped tables and stools with powder blue metal legs. The floors are polished concrete and refurbished timber church pews line one wall.”

Gourmet Traveller


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Babajan Is an Exemplary Melbourne Cafe. But What Does That Even Mean?

"Australia is celebrated for its cafe culture, but that is one of those phrases that obscures the meaning behind it. What is “cafe culture”? Why does it matter? Does it matter?"



Matt Prestons Top Ten dishes in 2016.  

“Kirsty Chiaplias is weaving Middle Eastern magic at Babajan, and the lahmacun,a flatbread of spiced lamb, pine nuts, fresh tomato and parsley, is one of the winners on the short menu.



You’ll be craving Babajan’s breakfast menu.

“Owner Kirsty Chiaplias, says Turkish customers come in for familiar dishes like menemen baked eggs, but then quickly realise there’s more worth experiencing. She’s not wrong: trout spanakopita with poached eggs, asparagus and Iranian caviar redefines the phrase “breakfast of champions”, while a crab and haloumi omelette is a contender for Best Breakfast Dish 2017.”

The Weekly Review