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We are now open for Dinner, Friday and Saturday Nights.
Small and large plates are featured on the menu and if you cannot make your mind up, select the Chefs Selection! 

Dinner Menu 

 Breakfast and Lunch (New Menu coming soon)

Middle Eastern inspired Breakfast, Lunches and Share Plates. We also have take away options. Do not hesitate to ask our staff for more information. We use the finest kind of coffee in-house from Code Black Coffee and have a special Babajan only brew.

Our wine list features a great range of Turkish wines and some very special cocktails.

Retail Section

We have a retail section just as you walk into the shop. All made in house with most items on the shelf featured in the above menus. If you cannot see something on the shelf, ask our friendly staff as it could be out the back.

Sourdough $6
Turkish Bread $3
Fatousch Crumbs $2 
House Made Harissa $7.5
Pistachio Hazelnut Dukkah $4
Bharat Cashews $4.5
Berry, Barberry and Pomegranate Jam $5.5
Mount Zero Olive Oil $12
Marinated Olives 7.5/9.5

You can also take home our coffee from Code Black Coffee! The 3056 blend is $12.5/250gm.