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Persian Love Cake recipe

Kirsty Chiaplias Kirstys recipe Persian Love Cake Recipe

Welcome to our first blog post! Let's get straight into it with a recipe. With ingredients such as Almond Meal, Rosewater and Pistachios, how can you deny yourself the pleasure of creating this masterpiece?

Share with your friends, its a killer cake! 


  • 180gm Butter                        
  • 4 cups Almond meal            
  • 1 ½ cups Raw sugar                 
  • 3 Eggs                           
  • 375gm Yoghurt                     
  • 1tbs Spice (nutmeg and cinnamon)                 
  • 2 tbs Rosewater                 
  • 100gm Pistachios                  


  • Cream butter, almond meal, and sugars until fluffy.
  • Take half the mixture out of the bowl and press firmly in to a cake tin.
  • Add the remainder of the ingredients except the pistachios, to the bowl and combine well with paddle.
  • Pour remainder mixture Into cake tin, garnish with pistachios and bake at 160 degrees until firm at least 45 mins

If you know us, you know that we love to give you our favourite recipes for you to use at home. Show us how your cake turned out by using the hashtag #babajanpersiancake.

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